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Our Story

What’s in a Name?

Merrion Row ExteriorIn Dublin, there’s a street just south of Merrion Square and east of St. Stephen’s Green called Merrion Row where pubs are plentiful. For locals and out-of-towners alike, this row of public houses is the the place to go for a lively trad, good-natured craic and a refreshing pint of Guinness, all to be found in pub after friendly pub. The atmosphere on Merrion Row is always celebratory, no matter what the occasion! Everyone is invited and there are always fantastic stories to hear and tell. We’ve recreated Merrion Row in New York City.

A Hotel Rooted In Irish Hospitality

In Celtic times, all citizens were expected to open their doors at any time of day or night to a passerby in need of a haven. Food, drink, music and a comfortable bed were provided with gusto. To turn anyone away was to invite a ruined reputation and a fierce fine. To lighten the load on those with less riches to share, bruideans, now known as public houses, were established at major crossroads. All doors were unlocked and staffed at all times to ensure everyone passing by would be invited in. It is in this grand tradition of a hundred thousand welcomes on which Merrion Row Hotel and Public House was built.

Our Beaux Arts building opened in 1920 as one of Times Square’s first hotels. Local artists and actors frequented the hotel and over time, these rooms were frequented more often by tourists and their families in search of a truly New York experience. The new Merrion Row is a deeply felt nod to the building’s rich history and an open-armed welcome to today’s luxuries.